March 27, 2020

Here in South Africa to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus our population is in lockdown for 21 days.  The bad news for pet owners is that there is to be no walking of dogs outside your property, no classes to attend and no gathering of like-minded doggy people.  The good news is that this is an opportunity to brush up on some basic skills and to learn new ones – all in the comfort of your home and garden.

To make it easier for you to stick to the programme I will be issuing a couple of training challenges every day of lockdown.  There will be some really basic ones to get the ball rolling with progressively more difficult and complex challenges as we move along.  You will progress at your own rate and I will be providing some training notes and tips along the way, together with videos.

If you are keen to join me in this initiative (which is free) please put your name in the Comment section together with your country of residence.  I will be launching a Facebook page (Louise’s Lockdown Dog Training Challenges) for any members to post videos of their successes and get help with any problems they come across with the challenges.  You can also add any of your own challenges.  My wish is for you and your dog, as well as members of your family, to have fun with this as well as provide mental stimulation for all of you in the days and weeks ahead.

Above all stay safe!

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