For more information on dog training and behaviour please contact Louise:

Tel: 084 828 7880




10 Responses to Contact

  1. carolyn baker says:

    Hi Lou

    This us a FABULOUS blog .. just gone in now for the first time! Well Done…


  2. grant says:

    Hi what an amazing blog well done.
    You can pat yourself on the back.


  3. susannadue says:

    Louise..what a great blog…I have one Flatcoated retriever and will be getting a puppy in January..I am so glad to get information about positive reinforcement training for field training. I want to do this with my new pup. I am a Karen Pryor Academy grad and love training…but where I live(Chicago area) no one does positive reinforcement training in Field work.


    • clickapup says:

      Hi Susanna – Thank you for your comment! There is a very nice list which is positive on Yahoo. The group is called Positive Gundogs. You can often get very nice advice from the folk on the list. I will be training my pup who is now 6 weeks for field work using clicker and positive reinforcement and will be following her progress on my Puppy Blog. I think you have subscribed to that one as well. There are very few books dealing with field trials out there which are positive – there’s Jim Barry’s Clicker Gundogs and an English book Positive Gundogs written by Helen Phillips, although the latter is more with Hunt, Point Retrieve as she has Viszla’s. Although our field trials in South Africa are very different from the trials and hunt tests in the States, I have made up a Field Trial Champion using only positive reinforcement with the clicker as my bridge, so in spite of what people say it can be done!

      Flatties are great dogs and wonderful workers. They respond very well to positive methods and I wish you good luck with your pup.


  4. Shannon T. says:

    This is an fantastic blog!
    Is there a way to subscribe via email? And do you have a Facebook page?


    • clickapup says:

      Hi Shannon. Thank you for your comment. I’ve just been on to your fb page and “liked” it. I also have a facebook page I’ve also put a follow by email widget on to my blog so if you go on to it you should get notification. I also put notice of new posts on to my fb page.
      It’s so great that more and more people are coming around to the whole training without pain philosophy. Positive reinforcement rocks 🙂


  5. Gary says:

    Great Blog, Lou.
    Explanations clear and concise!


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