Characteristics of the Various Breeds of Dogs

Louise's Dog Blog

The dog has been around humans, the latest research shows, for the past 15,000 years, or more.  In the beginning the dog was merely a “camp follower”.  Its presence around the early settlements was tolerated possibly because it helped clean up the waste that accumulated in the village dumps to which the early dog was attracted.  These dumps were a relatively risk-free source of food and it didn’t require much effort to obtain enough food for the animal’s survival.  All it required was a certain level of “tameability”.

Over time various “land races” evolved with characteristics which were determined largely by the environment they were exposed to which was initially geographic.  All the greyhound type dogs come from landraces which evolved all over the Middle East and which were used for hunting for thousands of years – the Saluki of Arabia and the Borzoi of Russia;  The herders – precursors…

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