I thought it was time to do a quick review of the learning challenges that have been posted since Day 1 of Lockdown.  So this is a list of the challenges if you need to go back and review anything.

Teaching Down and adding a verbal cue:  You find these on DAY TWO  and DAY FIVE

Teaching Perch – Easy beginnings:  DAY THREE and DAY FOUR

Teaching Chin Rest:  DAY FIVE and DAY 6 

Teaching Self Control:  DAY SEVEN

Platforms and Stays:  DAY 8 and DAY 16 

Retrieve:  DAY 10 

Clicker/Marker Training:  DAY 12

Loose Lead Walking:  DAY 13 and DAY 14

Go to Mat:  DAY 19 and DAY 20

Tricks – Spin:  DAY 23

Tricks – Around:  Day 24

I hope this will help you negotiate the blog if you’re looking for something specific.

I know that some of you have more than one dog and I always feel bad having to lock one of mine away while I’m training the other.  They feel bad as well!  And left out!  But there is a way that you can train more than one at the same time.  The first step is to teach Go to Mat Step 1 and Step 2.  I will tomorrow show you how to include all your dogs into your training sessions.

Take care and Stay Safe.



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