I haven’t heard from any of you about our Obstacle Challenge.   The best way to build an obstacle course is to train each obstacle individually and then when they are on cue (either a hand signal or a verbal cue) then start chaining them together.  So looking forward to what you have been doing!


dog tricks4

I believe that the pup’s and dog’s mind should be engaged; that he should be taught to be aware of ALL his body – not only his legs; spinning, weaving, walking backwards, walking up and downstairs, swimming. These are all activities that your pup will enjoy and that will prepare him for a life of health and well-being.


  • Tricks teach pups to think, to use their bodies and minds.
  • Tricks teach pups that there is no difference between working and playing and gives them the right attitude.
  • Tricks give pups confidence in the way they move and that there are no mistakes and failures and that trying things is good.
  • Tricks build a bond between you and your pup and give you more insight into how they think.
  • Tricks also help teach pups about hind-leg awareness and strengthen the muscles the pups use for balance.

Some of the tricks you can start teaching your pup or dog (it’s never too late to learn) are:

The Spin:

This is a very easy trick to teach with a lure.  It is a good idea to teach it going clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Step 1:  With your pup or dog standing in front of you, place your right hand with a piece of food in front of the dog’s nose and rotate the hand clockwise so that the dog turns his head to his right to follow the food and continues following the food until he has turned through 360 degrees and finishes where he started.

Step 2:  Once your dog is following the food lure confidently, you can replace the lure with a hand signal.  Now your dog has learnt the visual signal for the behaviour.

Step 3:  Now you can insert your verbal cue (a different one for each direction – I use “Spin” for counter-clockwise and “Turn” for Clockwise.




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