How are you all going on your Obstacles Challenges.  Having some fun I hope.  I spent today catching up on chores (long overdue) and since my garden helper is also on lockdown I mowed the grass and pulled a LOT of weeds with help from Bo.  So, nothing much got done on the Challenges, but I thought you might need a break as well.

What I did do while busy in the garden is practise some recalls.  Recalls should always be like a game for the dogs otherwise they will stop coming to you with enthusiasm.  So a couple of tips…

  1.  ALWAYS reward your dog for coming when you call…  even if it was not instantaneous and even if you are frustrated and angry.
  2. NEVER associate your recall with punishment – remember that your dog might have a different opinion about punishment than you have.
  3. If your dog won’t come when you call don’t chase him – rather run away.  Few dogs can resist a chase game.
  4. Make coming to you the best thing in the world.  It is too important a skill to neglect and it might one day save your dog’s life.
  5. Until your recall is 100% reliable use a long line on walks.  When you are sure your dog will come when called, then you can happily let him run free.
  6. If your dog won’t take treats (sometimes if he is too excited, then he will not be interested in eating) then reward him by giving him access to something he enjoys – send him back to sniff some more, or play with his doggy friends, or perhaps he loves fetching a ball.

These videos illustrate some of the pointers in getting your dog to come when called, no matter what.

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