I’m going a bit slower with the challenges for the next few days to give you a chance to catch up if you’re falling behind.

I hope that those of you that need to improve your loose lead walking skills, or are just starting out with a new pup have had an opportunity today to spend five minutes on Step 1 of the exercise – I call it the Focus and Follow.

The next step in the exercise is where you teach your dog to focus on you and walk next to you, keeping the leash loose all the time.

Step Two:  Starting with the focus and follow exercise for a few steps, pivot to your right but keep moving in the same direction.  Your dog will automatically end up on your left-hand side.  You will continue walking forward with your dog on the left, keeping your left hand close to the dog’s mouth and rewarding frequently.  If your dog starts moving ahead, get his attention by saying his name or making a smoochy sound and go back to walking backwards until your dog is focussed on you once again.

I haven’t done much with Bo just recently, as she needs a little more work on self-control before I start anything more complicated, but I’ve asked Fen and Dash to help with the demo.


I’m still working on Step 1 and 2 with Bo, but this video with Mary Ray working on the Perch exercise and taking it a step further with her dog Cruz.

You might not have heard of Mary Ray but she is an English trainer who has demonstrated Heelwork to Music at Crufts for many years, a sport that she introduced to the UK many years ago and is now a popular dog sport globally, and gaining in popularity (and complexity) every year.  This is one of my favourite Mary Ray demonstrations at Crufts a couple of years ago.  IF THIS DOESN’T PUT A MASSIVE SMILE ON YOUR FACE I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL.  ENJOY!!!


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