The Golden Retriever - a Timeline

Well, the first week of lockdown is done and dusted so it’s time to review the challenges that we’ve undertaken.  I hope you’ve been joining in and even though the challenges I’ve set are pretty basic it’s always a good idea to do some revision.  If there are any holes in your training now is the time to mend them.

For today’s challenge, you’ll be teaching your dog to Sit and Stay.  We’ll work through the basics for those of you who haven’t yet taught Stays and more rigorous challenges for those of you who can already do a basic Sit/Stay.  I’ll be using a platform for most of the demonstrations, but the exercises can be done without a platform, although try and get one as it does help.

Sit and Stay

There are a number of steps to getting your dog to stay, but before we even go there you must be sure that your dog knows “Sit“.   You can also use the word “Stay”, but that is your choice.  With any behaviour where the dog has to stay in position, there are three elements that we need to work on separately.  Duration – Distance – Distraction.  I like to start working on Duration.

Sit Duration

In this video, I have started Bo on staying in a sit for 10 seconds.  You can see my older dogs in the background patiently waiting their turn on the mats.



In the next exercise, I’m using the platforms to train two dogs at the same time.  You first have to teach each individual dog to stay on their platform for a short while but once they understand you can put the two platforms close together and start the exercise.

Training 2 dogs


Happy Training.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fun with platforms.

Stay safe.




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