Max and the Curse of Popularity

Thank you for posting this. My thoughts exactly.

Science and Dogs

I’m worried about the future of the Malinois*. On June 26 MGM will release the movie Max and I hope it tanks. I really do.

Max-The-Movie-3-300x224 People will get a Malinois wanting this

Movies can influence dog choice and the upcoming release of this movie threatens to make the Malinois the trendy dog to have; this effect can be felt 10 years after a movie’s release (Ghirlanda 2014). To make things worse, dog popularity isn’t affected by health or temperament (Ghirlanda 2013); people aren’t choosing a ‘movie’ dog because it fits with their lifestyle but simply because it’s trendy.

The disregard for temperament by trend-driven buyers will result in great misery for the Malinois. This is not a dog that will fit into your lifestyle; this is a dog you get to fit into its lifestyle. Even those who own and love this variant will admit they are difficult and challenging…

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