Training Sessions – Less is More…

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Over the years I have found that I can get by with far fewer sessions of training the various skills I need for my dogs than I thought was necessary in the past.  This is mainly because I now have more dogs to train than before, and less time.  In spite of this I am still getting the same, if not better, results.  I thought it was perhaps because I am now a more experienced trainer than I was for my first dogs and my training methods have over the years become more efficient.  But, although this obviously is a factor, it seems that this is not entirely the case.  This was all brought to my attention by a study that was carried out by University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Life Sciences and the findings published in 2011. In this study to determine what effect the frequency and duration of…

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One Response to Training Sessions – Less is More…

  1. Carolyn Baker says:

    Makes good sense of course… But when we have only a few chances to train, the conflict of training more for longer in each of these sessions is huge:)

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