Max and the Curse of Popularity

June 20, 2015

Thank you for posting this. My thoughts exactly.

Science and Dogs

I’m worried about the future of the Malinois*. On June 26 MGM will release the movie Max and I hope it tanks. I really do.

Max-The-Movie-3-300x224 People will get a Malinois wanting this

Movies can influence dog choice and the upcoming release of this movie threatens to make the Malinois the trendy dog to have; this effect can be felt 10 years after a movie’s release (Ghirlanda 2014). To make things worse, dog popularity isn’t affected by health or temperament (Ghirlanda 2013); people aren’t choosing a ‘movie’ dog because it fits with their lifestyle but simply because it’s trendy.

The disregard for temperament by trend-driven buyers will result in great misery for the Malinois. This is not a dog that will fit into your lifestyle; this is a dog you get to fit into its lifestyle. Even those who own and love this variant will admit they are difficult and challenging…

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Training Sessions – Less is More…

June 8, 2015

Louise's Dog Blog

Over the years I have found that I can get by with far fewer sessions of training the various skills I need for my dogs than I thought was necessary in the past.  This is mainly because I now have more dogs to train than before, and less time.  In spite of this I am still getting the same, if not better, results.  I thought it was perhaps because I am now a more experienced trainer than I was for my first dogs and my training methods have over the years become more efficient.  But, although this obviously is a factor, it seems that this is not entirely the case.  This was all brought to my attention by a study that was carried out by University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Life Sciences and the findings published in 2011. In this study to determine what effect the frequency and duration of…

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