Every Dog is a Blank Canvas

This observation was sent to me recently by a good friend who is involved in Labrador Rescue, Jane Hoar.

Every dog starts life as a blank canvas




3 Responses to Every Dog is a Blank Canvas

  1. Gary D Lewis says:

    Very True!

    Gary 0723595121


  2. Shannon says:

    Hi Louise,

    I love your blog and share it often. I must give a dissenting viewpoint to this one, however. The are so many puppy mills here in the US that I have seen some genetic monstrosities. These dogs are born predisposed to all sorts of behavior and/or physical problems. Nurture surely has a huge influence the way a dog behaves… and it can also contribute to the exhibition of innate yet dormant issues to which a dog may have been predisposed via nature. How I would love all dogs to be born as blank slates! Alas, we must account for nature…

    ~ Shannon


    • clickapup says:

      Hi Shannon,

      Although the sentiment is attractive I must also agree with you that nature plays a bigger role than we would like to admit. The debate of nature vs nurture has, of course been on going since Darwin and the more I observe and work with dogs the more I agree with current thinking that the two are interwoven. In a post on Science of Dogs http://dogbehaviorscience.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/nature-vs-nurture-time-to-end-the-debate/ the author so rightly says that “The simple fact is that genes can influence behavior. Behavior can influence environment. Environment can influence genes. It’s an interactive and dynamic bouillabaisse with behavior as the ongoing product, but all are affected by each other. And behavior is not the final product because as long as an organism is alive, it has the potential to change”.


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