Goal Setting and Raising Criteria

Why is goal setting and raising criteria in manageable steps important?  Too often we fail to set goals for each step in the progressions when we are working to an ultimate goal.  If we do not set mini goals or sub goals with the intention of moving beyond them to another level when they are achieved, then there is a real danger of getting caught in a dead end.  We then continue to drill this dead end until, even though we are providing rewards and trying all sorts of motivation, the behaviour falls off and declines from enthusiasm to downright “boredom”.  The only way to avoid this is to raise criteria as and when your dog is achieving at least an 80% success rate at the current level or progression.

The reason many folk get stuck in their particular dead end is

  1. They have not defined the criteria for the particular level they are working on, and
  2. They are not sure “what comes next”.

It’s a matter of being able to look at the “big picture” and then break it down into manageable steps to work on and achieve, eventually arriving at your ultimate goal without losing sight of the big picture.

For more information go to this link.






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