Retriever Foundation Course

Presented by Louise Welsford

This course which will kick off in December 2011 is designed for young retrievers or gundogs who have completed a puppy class and an obedience foundation class, and who are at least 5 months at the start of the course.
Our aim is to have a dog that can accurately mark the fall of the dummy or bird, is steady and calm in the presence of distractions, will retrieve out of water and on land and will deliver to hand with enthusiasm. The course also includes an introduction to basic handling skills.
The course consists of 9 sessions of approximately 2 hours duration, spaced two weeks apart, and will take place at venues either at Hillcrest or Eston.  The cost of the course is R1200.00. Payment options are:

  •   R1200.00 on registration.
  •   Two instalments of R650.00.
  •   R150 per session.

An illustrated training manual is included in the cost.

Contact Louise on 084 828 7880 for more details.

2 Responses to Retriever Foundation Course

  1. Patti K. says:

    Hello, I would be interested in purchasing your illustrated Retriever Foundation manual if available seperate from the course. I am in Canada, have 2 Chesapeakes and help instruct a beginner retriever class at our local Retriever Club.


  2. clickapup says:

    Hi Patti – The training manual is actually part of the course, and can not really stand alone as a lot of the detail is discussed and dealt with person to person during the course. However, I am in the process of writing a manual covering all the bases and anticipate it being ready mid 2012. In the meantime I’m making the notes available on my blog in four parts over the next couple of weeks, and you are very welcome to take what you need from them. Also, if you need any help or elaboration on any of the asepcts, please don’t hesitate to mail me or discuss it here.


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